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Marketing is only expensive if it's not working!

Some people aren't sure if Marketing, Advertising, and Sales are the same or different things. And they're even less sure about what marketing involves and how to do it well, lets be honest even some marketing companies even get a little confused sometimes.

To settle the matter right upfront, Marketing is the process through which you win and keep customers. Marketing is the matchmaker between what you business is selling and what your customers are buying.

After many years working for marketing companies and full services advertising agencies, I came to the conclusion small to medium businesses were not being serviced how they should be, with tight budgets, and sometimes over 40% margins to the agencies, how was this ever going to be beneficial to the client. That's why I decided to run a small, low overhead firm to actually help small to medium business succeed.  

We will get to know your business, along with your product or services and see it through your customers eyes. 

The first step towards stronger sales is to know everything you possibly can about the products/services you sell and the reasons your customers buy. 

We look beyond your primary offerings to consider the full range of solutions your business provides, and your point of difference above your competitors. And if you are not sure what the best advertising platform for you, Ad Words, Social Media, Content.... we'll help you through the process of looking at your goals and how best to achieve them by using one or more platforms to best reach your target audience.. If you don't already have one we can help you build a strategy.

We can manage or teach you to manage marketing services such as:

  • AdWords Campaign (PPC)
  • Display Advertising Campaigns
  • Social Media Campaigns - such as FaceBook
  • Social Media Business Pages

We also build all of our campaigns in your own AdWords account, don't worry if you don't have one, we'll create it for you. All of the data belongs to you, and you can access it anytime. If you choose to leave us, which we hope well do such a great job that you won't... but if you do, the account is yours, so you won't lose anything.

Seasonal Services:

Holiday/Staff Cover for AdWords & Programmatic Campaigns

As with each holiday period comes the issue of not only keeping your campaigns on track, but making sure the holiday specials campaigns go live with staff going away on holidays. We offer a "Holiday Cover" service for agencies to look after their AdWords & Programmatic campaigns. 

All you will need to provide:     

  • Access to relevant campaigns/platforms     
  • Schedule of campaigns you would like monitored or launched,      
  • Relevant campaign information,

You will receive:     

  • Full coverage including on public holidays for the period you require    
  • Time Sheets for works completed    
  • Immediate Response Times    
  • Rested & refreshed staff after a stress free holiday    
  • Happy Clients, as everything has gone to plan.

All for one flat rate of $120 per hour     

Being based in Auckland, there will be not time delay's or out of coverage issues.I am happy to come in and meet you in person to talk over your requirements & book your holiday cover.


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