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Personal Pages:

So You want a Social Media Account... But which one? FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, the possibilities are endless, and can be somewhat confusing. It all comes down to what you want to use it for. 

We can help you choose, set it up and most importantly teach you how to stay safe and protect your privacy online.

We'll teach you not only how to use the platform you choose, but how to get the most out of it... You'll be a wizz in no time.

General Usage Such As:

  • Setting up your Personal Account
  • Finding Friends
  • Private Messages
  • FaceBook Groups
  • Photos and Video's
  • Scheduling Your Life Events
  • Notifications
  • How to make the most of the content
  • Tips for Parents of Teens on FaceBook
  • Keeping your account safe from Hackers

Business Pages:

Having a Business pages is a great way to connect with your followers, advertise specials and competitions, keep in contact with your community, if you do it right. Being able to respond to negative feedback is the key, as we all know, bad news travels faster than good, especially in today's online environments. Along with the initial set up, we can show you how, or monitor it for you.

Social Media Advertising:

Having a FaceBook campaign is a great way to connect with prospective clients. But if your business is B2B then looking at a platform such as LinkedIn can be more effective. FaceBook campaigns are rarely successful for B2B. We can assess this for you and work out the best Social Marketing Strategy for your business. 

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